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Torii / Gate: Liminal Uncertainty
by Harry J. Weil, PhD

October, 2015

The paintings in Darla Bjork’s new series, Torii / Gate, demarcate liminal states of being as described by Victor Turner, a culturalanthropologist, who wrote that in these states individuals "are neither here nor there; they are betwixt and between the positions assigned and arrayed by law, custom, convention, and ceremony." By following through a series of subscribed actions, the liminal moves a participant toward physical and spiritual transcendence. Such experiences, as Turner explains, are often ungovernable by the laws of logic and order, and the catalyst for Bjork’s latest paintings...

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Darla Bjork

Darla Bjork’s Windows: On the Other Side by Derin Tanyol

August, 2013

Darla Bjork’s oil stick and encaustic Windows vibrate between ethereal landscape abstractions and architectonic, vividly spatial images—a romantic dialogue connecting the outside with what comes from within. Taking elements of her fluid earlier series, especially Water, the Windows are developed according to a grid: still effervescent, still active, but overseen by a monumental, painterly architecture. Window panes, window frames, girders, posts and lintels, Stonehenge in the blue mist, the towers of Notre Dame...

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Water, Water Everywhere
Joanne Mattera Art Blog

September 30, 2009

Paintings from Darla Bjork's Water Series at SoHo 20 Gallery. With a cool palette and a fluid gesture, Bjork creates an environment in which water seems to roil, wave, break and flow. Using encaustic, she takes full advantage of the medium's fluid qualities, allowing paint drips to develop the compositions and enhance the sensation of liquid. The show ran through September 26, but you can see more on Bjork's website.

Encaustic #3/06
Water #1

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